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FrontPage Templates- FrontPage templates are some of the most common website templates used. Best Free Website Templates has used FrontPage templates on several occasions. As a result we have written this article on FrontPage templates to help you!

When searching for cheap website templates you get a ton of different types of websites templates. It can be confusing for you, but when you see one common template type being offered by all the companies you should know that is one of the best website templates you can get. Thus, FrontPage templates are some of the best! Every major website template site offers FrontPage templates. FrontPage templates are nice and very easy to modify.

For those Best Free Website Templates readers that aren’t familiar with FrontPage or FrontPage extensions here is a quick paragraph on what are FrontPage templates. FrontPage templates are website templates that are produced for the sole purpose of using Microsoft FrontPage. FrontPage is a program that communicates to the web hosting server and ultimately creates your website. In addition, FrontPage extensions assist you in creating forms, counters, databases, and other essential elements to your website. FrontPage templates are best when used in conjunction with FrontPage hosting providers. A FrontPage template won’t look like what it is suppose unless your hosting provider offers FrontPage extensions.

There are three main types of FrontPage templates; Free FrontPage templates, Cheap FrontPage templates, and Custom FrontPage templates. Best Free Website Templates has provided you with a short review on each type of FrontPage templates.

Free FrontPage templates- Free FrontPage templates are acquired by two means. Either you find a website that offers free FrontPage templates or you sign up for some cheap FrontPage hosting and the host will give you free website builders that include FrontPage templates. Both of these are very common ways to get free FrontPage templates. Best Free Website Templates has used the latter way to get the template. We signed up with BlueHost hosting and they offer FrontPage extensions and free website templates. We were able to create some amazing websites via this method.

Cheap FrontPage templates- Cheap FrontPage templates are common for users that are looking to update their website and already have a hosting plan in place. There are quite a few providers of cheap FrontPage templates so you have a good selection to choose from. One thing that Best Free Website Templates wants to stress is make sure you order your cheap FrontPage template from a company that offers customer support services. This is important because you are going to need some guidance in making your site.

Custom FrontPage Templates- Custom FrontPage templates are mainly used by high end business websites or well established sites. Custom FrontPage templates can by very costly, over $5,000.00 to have it created and published. The options are endless when having a custom FrontPage template made. Unfortunately, Best Free Website Templates doesn’t have anybody to recommend for custom FrontPage templates. To be honest, we feel you can get almost the same quality website by using a cheap FrontPage template.

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